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The Mission

We had one thing in mind when we started Colton Fly Company. The Customer. We are not interested in big margins and big dealer networks. We simply want to put the best product possible directly into the hands of the person that will be using it at an affordable price for all budgets. This is our mission and staying factory direct is the only way to carry it out.

The Factory Direct Concept

Fly Fishing Gear
When a manufacturer uses a dealer network to handle the sale of their products the customer pays the ultimate price. Literally! Allow me to explain. If you buy a $200 fly rod from a retailer, that retailer made a 45-55% margin on that rod and no less. That means he paid around $90 for that rod. Now, obviously the manufacturer had to make some money when they sold it to the retailer. I have to think they made at least $50. Now this makes the approximate value of the rod $40.00 that you just paid $200.00 for! Doesn't seem fair does it?

Times have changed. Gas prices are over $3.00 per gallon in most places. The cost of driving to a respectable fly shop is high for the majority of anglers. I know the closest decent shop to me is about an hour and a half drive each way. A huge number of anglers have turned to the internet because they get better deals, more choices, and shipping is usually far less than driving to your nearest shop.

Fly anglers have been held hostage by the high prices of quality equipment for a long time. You have had no choice in the past but to pay the high premium if you wanted a decent rod or reel. $700 for a carbon fiber fly rod! That's nuts. $700 for single action aluminum fly reel! That's nuts. You don't see those prices in the spinning and conventional fishing market.

When you buy a Colton product you are paying what a retailer would pay (Wholesale). We have all been trained to think that if we pay $200 for a fly rod then it will perform like a $200 fly rod. Right? This is not the case with Colton's fly fishing gear. When you pay $200 for a Colton product you are getting a product that you would have paid over $350 for through a retailer! You just saved $150.

One problem with this concept right? Where can you try a Colton fly rod? Where can you look at a Colton fly reel? We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our fly fishing gear products. So, if you are interested in one of our products then buy it. If for any reason you do not like the product you can return it for a full refund including the freight charges.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind all of our fly reels and rods 100%. All Colton products are guaranteed for the life of the original purchaser against manufacturer defects. This warranty only applies to products purchased directly from Colton Fly Company.

Colton Fly Company reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models if necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

Discontinued or closeout fly fishing gear products are sold through other outlets such as Ebay are dramatically discounted and are sold “as is” with no warranty.

Warranty Claims

Claims within the USA: The original purchaser will be responsible for a $50 fee for each repaired item to cover return shipping, and processing.

Claims outside the USA: The original purchaser will be responsible for the $50 fee as well as the return shipping costs and any additional costs related to customs and duty.

Warranty Claim Process

Please return the entire product, freight pre-paid, and insured for its full value. Be sure to include any broken parts or pieces. Please use appropriate packaging to protect the product from any further damage.

Include a note with your name, return shipping address, phone number and e-mail address, as well as a brief explanation of the nature of the problem.

For return shipments within the USA also include a check for the $50.00 fee. If you wish to pay by credit card or paypal please specify the preferred method in the note and we will call or email you for that information.

Ship to address:
Colton Fly Company
298 Water Forest Dr.
Dingmans Ferry, PA. 18328

Tight lines,
Robert C. Filger

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