Sunday June 16, 2024 - 11:02pm
Colton Fly Fishing

Fly Rods and Fly Reels!

We had one thing in mind when we started Colton Fly Company. You, the Customer! We are not interested in big margins or big dealer networks. We simply want to put the best saltwater fly rods and fly reels directly into the hands of the people that will be using them at an affordable price for all budgets. This is our mission and staying factory direct is the only way to carry it out. From Passion Comes Innovation. Built by Fly Fishermen for Fly Fishermen!

Below is a simple guide to our products. See each page for full product details

Terrapin: 100% sealed drag fly reel that would again rival the big name manufacturers but at a fraction of the price.

Tradewinds: Very fast action fly rods with stiff fighting power. Best suited for the experienced saltwater fly fisherman.

Tradewinds XS: Fast action fly rods that still have a smooth feel. Well suited for the experienced saltwater
fly fisherman but are more forgiving for the intermediate and enhance an experienced cast.

Leviathan XS: Fast action fly rods that are designed to fight big game saltwater species.

Slipstream XS: Light weight, fast action freshwater fly rods. Graceful yet powerful and light weight.

Torrent Fly Reels: The Torrent is our company staple. This is one of the most powerful saltwater fly reels on the planet. Available from 7-15 weight.

CRGII Fly Reels: Our most affordable fresh and saltwater fly reels. Very lightweight with a smooth yet powerful drag. Available from 2-10 weight.