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COLTON SLIPSTREAM XS Series Fly Rods. Colton's Newest Fly Rods!

Well, almost 10 years has passed now since we built our first fly rods and we have learned a lot along the way. One thing we have learned is that there has been so much focus in the past decade on extra extra fast fly rods that people have started to forget what “soul” feels like in a fly rod. Many anglers may not even realize that these super fast action rods may not be best for them. This is why you see everyone talking about over lining their rods. Over lining an extra fast action rod is essentially slowing that action down. The folks that do this are searching for the “soul” in their rods! You don’t have to sacrifice speed for soul. You can have both! Since 2009 we have been working on the XS series. Trying to find the perfect balance between speed, sensitivity, and fighting power. It took a few years but we can say with absolute certainty that these are the best fly rods we have built to date. Even though the new XS rods bare the Slipstream name they are very different from the Slipstream rods you are used to. We have changed everything from the blanks to the seats to the guides to the travel tubes. Lots of time was spent on the little details in the blank design. A truly outstanding fly rod is born from the attention to those details. Make no mistake, these rods are still fast action but they are now more sensitive allowing you to feel even the most delicate strikes.

We also listen to our customers, and now as you all requested the 6 weight Slipstream XS rods have a micro fighting butt on them!

The new Slipstream XS is constructed of our own proprietary 72.5 million tensile modulus carbon fiber (XSP) with nano silica resins that is designed and built only for us. These new blanks are 10% lighter and 15% stronger than the previous model Slipsteam Fly Rods.

Model Line Length Pieces Weight Action Clear Finish Price UD Green
SXS4 4 9'-0" 4 2.9oz Fast XSP $365.00
SXS5 5 9'-0" 4 3.0oz Fast XSP $365.00
SXS6* 6 9'-0" 4 3.4oz Fast XSP
Out of Stock
* Includes a micro fighting butt

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All Slipstream XS fly rods are finished with a translucent coating leaving the natual carbon fiber color and grains to show through. They are all fitted with titanium coated stainless steel snake guides and silicon carbide inserts in our stripping guides, ATC reel seats with Walnut insert and a lazer burned Colton logo on each side, AAA grade cork, include a rod sock and one of our newly designed travel tubes. LIFETIME WARRANTY

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